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All courses designated with an "X" have been completed and signed off.
Foundation Courses/Core Areas 
  X 	PSY 700		Research Design and Methodology
    X	PSY 720		Advanced Statistics
    X	PSY 740		History and Systems of Psychology
    X	PSY 760		Professional and Scientific Ethics
Substantive Content/Competency Areas
	PSY 780		Biological Bases of Behavior
	PSY 800 		Social Bases of Behavior
	PSY 810 		Industrial/Organizational Behavior
	PSY 820 		Cognitive-affective Bases of Behavior
	PSY 840 		Individual Differences
Clinical Psychology Courses 
	PSY 850		Psychopathology
    X	PSY 860		Clinical Measurement 
	PSY 880		Psychotherapy
	PSY 890		Child Psychopathology & Psychotherapy
	PSY 895		Group Psychotherapy
	PSY 897		Consulting & Supervision
    X	PSY 900		Practicum
	PSY 920		Internship
	PSY 940		Project Demonstrating Excellence