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                                                                     Last Updated:  06/14/04

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This web site is dedicated to the information needs of the doctoral committee.  It will facilitate the communication of the status of my program, up-and-coming events, concerns, and issues.

Program Updates:

The Learning Agreement first draft is finally completed!  I am making corrections and will send the finished draft to my second core.

Visit the On-Line Research page!  Here one can find several free on-line journals.

Those interested in directions to the Peer Day site here in Columbus, OH see the "Maps and Directions" page.

I have wrapped up the development of my Internship Program.

Plans and Strategies:

Establishing the Certification meeting

Check out my other web site:

I plan to post documents in PDF format that can be viewed with Adobe AcrobatTM .  This may come in handy if I need to send something quickly with text formatting intact.  Hopefully, I will not need to use this feature.

I plan to use this site as a test platform for the on-line questionnaire for my dissertation (PDE).  See the consent form.

Doctoral Committee Communications:

I plan to attend my fourth Professional Psychology Workshop in July!

Issues and Concerns:

With the recent concerns regarding terrorism threats, what positions should Psychology take?

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